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January 30th
Hello everyone. I have been out a few times this year and fishing has been decent. I have seen a few dead alewives and have witnessed a few landed trout burp up some as well. The last time I went out just as the water was being totally turned off and I noticed that the fishing was more productive during the first couple hours. A bit more current seemed to be pushing the dead/stunned alewives downstream which turned on the fish. Anything white or silver would have worked, but I stuck with a white mop fly and landed about 2 dozen in the afternoon. If you are looking to book a trip then my May and June is entirely full. However, there are several openings in July and August. 2024 is supposed to be the return of the 17 year cicada hatch. 2007 was tough to beat and I am hoping a return of that success. Remember, its best to contact me at 502 432-5188. You can also email me at Also you can check my updates and new pics at my facebook page at Doubledoutfitters.

Take care,
Dave DeBold
Double D Outfitters
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