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May 28th
my apologies for the technical glitches. Those of you who know me know that I dont know squat about technology and really dont care. Lol fishing has been very good. However, the water releases have been pretty low. There was an area that I was fishing, and I honestly could not get back up through to get back to the ramp. I had to get out of the boat drag it through a shoal area, and then quickly jump into the boat start the engine and work my way up through there. Crazy but this is what I Gotta do to get my people on fish. It looks like water releases will pick up a little bit later this week. What Im talking about is they havent been running more than two perhaps three generators and that is in the afternoon . when you put in in the morning, the water is super low which can make for tricky fishing. Those of you a fish with me know that I like to fish along high banks with wood the problem with his right now on certain days is, theres just not enough current to hold fish on that wood , so what I need to find is water that has a good flow that has good depth 3 to 5 feet, and those areas are holding some very nice trout. The same old stuff is working: my roaches, egg patterns, mop, flies, blue irons, which is very similar to a hares ear, rainbow warriors, and last, but not least black and red zebra midges. I have a few openings between now and early August. If you want to go then now is the time to nab one of those last few spots. Remember its best to text me at 502 432-5188.

Take care,
Dave DeBold
Double D Outfitters
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