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September 4th
The Corps has pretty much dropped the lake to the bottom of the SEPA curve and has cut back on generation, especially on the weekends. They have also been releasing water via sluice for over the past month. This release adds O2 but on the flip side the water takes on an algae green color. This stuff leaves one nasty scum line on my boat and ya better clean those fly lines frequently! The dry weather has resulted in many leaves dropping into the river. In some areas you have to pay a lot of attention to where your fly hits the water or it could hang on some leaves and not dropping to the proper levels. So what is working??? Most of the larger fish over 20 have been taken on hoppers. The results of hopper fishing can be weird! I mean the fish that we are landing are either dinks or over 20! Cicada patterns will work as well. Find high banks with shade and you will find the fish. If you want to catch 50 or more fish a day then fish eggs or mop flies below an indicator. I have really noticed a lot of midges in the first few hours of the day so a hoper dropper rig would do well. Another option is to use the old reliable roach/midge/warrior. Check out my daily pics on my facebook page at Double D Outfitters. You can also call/ text me at 502 432-5188. I have no openings until the week of Thanksgiving and if you are thinking about booking a trip for next year then dont wait! Many of my return customers are already booking for the next two years.

Take care,
Dave DeBold
Double D Outfitters
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