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June 24th
sorry about not posting any reports lately, but I was incredibly busy until last Tuesday. Thats when the big rains rolled in and fishing pretty much ended. It might be another couple of weeks until the river is fishable, fingers crossed. This is my busy time and I feel lost not being out on the river on a daily basis. It has rained nearly 5 inches within the last week and that doesnt even include the rains we had over the past two weeks. I am rescheduling a lot of trips, moving them to August and September. If you want to get out this fall then you need to book your trip now. As always, check out my daily pics on my facebook page at Double D Outfitters. If you want to book a trip r have any questions about the river then text/call me at 502 432-5188. Pray for less rain!!!

Take care,
Dave DeBold
Double D Outfitters
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